Earn Rewards to Lower Your Electric Bill⚡

Firms across the U.S.A. want to reward you to save energy and save money on your electric bill!

Opportunities vary by location:

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How does it work?

Save money AND earn rewards?

It may sound too good to be true, but rest assured supporting clean energy is this rewarding! When demand on the energy grid is high, utility companies would rather pay their customers to reduce collective usage.

More in your pocket

The key to earning consistent rewards is to use connected devices, such as smart thermostats and smart plugs. In addition to lower energy bills, these firms will reward you directly for your participation!

Help the environment

Rally people to change how and when they use electricity — unlocking clean, affordable and reliable energy.


What users are saying...

"I saw an ad for Arbor after receiving my high March bill and thought I’d try them out. They dropped my rate by a third within a day and took me just a couple minutes to sign up. Pretty great!"

Matt W.
Arbor Member

"I’m really grateful to have an account with Arcadia... It’s one simple step to make the switch, and all of us taking that one step, starting today, this week, this month, means we can contribute to a livable future!"

Arcadia Member
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Who are these firms?

A growing number of tech firms are working with utility providers to reward users across the nation. There are no national providers and we will automatically match you with a firm in your state.

Users love these services!


Arbor is a home energy advisor that helps you automatically lower your electric rate on an ongoing basis. Customers who switch save an average of $544 per year.


With OhmConnect, it’s easy to get rewarded for saving energy. It all starts with something we call an OhmHour. On average, new members reduced their electricity usage by 10%.


With Arcadia, wherever you live, whether you rent or own, you can power your home with 100% renewable energy. No changes, installations, or commitments required.

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